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Thanks for your interest in our station. If you are considering  volunteering at Curtin Radio, you can review the different roles and tasks available.  Please note that from time to time we  will be calling for new applicants – at the moment all roles are filled.                                                    

Meet some of our Volunteers




 A radio station is much like that duck moving smoothly across a pond. Above the surface we see a duck in total control, moving calmly from point A to point B. Underneath the surface however, the duck’s legs and feet are working quickly and efficiently to ensure that all happens.

Producing the sound of our radio station, from the music we play to the presenters and their guests, is not that much different. We rely heavily on the talented volunteers that give their time and skills to help run the station. Without volunteers, this station would not exist. They play a very important role!

 Volunteers are required in a number of different roles at the radio station. Below you will find the main roles and some brief points about the requirements needed for each role.


On Air Presenting



This is the most well-known aspect of any radio station – what is heard ‘over the air’.

We have permanent presenters that broadcast every week day between 6am – 6pm. The remainder of the evenings and over the weekends, volunteers prepare and present a (typically 3 hour) music show.

Curtin FM plays music from the 1950’s to the 1970’s. The presenter needs to be able to select their music carefully prior to going on air, to ensure an even balance is aired.  The presenter also needs to know what to say and, just as importantly, what not to say.

We do not expect a new volunteer to know every aspect of the role – we have a number of programmes in place, and people available, to help you develop into the role.

However, we do expect presenters to have a level of common-sense, a strong willingness to learn and a commitment to quality. As was stated at the top of the description, this is the most public aspect of all the roles and the station is defined by what people hear.



Clear Voice

Enthusiastic about the type of music we play

Comfortable with computers

Willing to learn and use computer-based music systems

Availability on, at least, a semi-regular basis


Production Assistant (PA)


It is virtually impossible for a presenter to air a program without the aid of a PA. They are a critical part of the presenter’s show. The PA needs to be able to field calls from listeners, determine what information is relevant to pass on to the presenter, assist with various requests and ensures the overall shows runs as smoothly as possible. During busy periods, all of these skills can come into play, occasionally all at the same time! Put simply, it is not for the faint hearted.

More than any other role at the station, this one requires the ability to think and act quickly.



Competent basic computer skills

Excellent communication skills – people skills

Taking listener’s calls – can be a large number on hold during busy shifts

Filtering relevant listener input to update programme content

Multi-tasking, sometimes at a ‘gallop’ more than a ‘trot’

Writing log sheets

Some evening & weekend availability

Able to work in a team



Music Library




Curtin FM has one of the most comprehensive music libraries of any radio station. This takes the form of both digital and vinyl media. Locating music efficiently is essential for Curtin FM, as it provides the ability for listeners to contact the station requesting a particular song, often for a special event in their lives.

Essentially working in the music library means utilising the various systems we have, to track down a specific title, often by a specific artist.




Competent basic computer skills

Music research interest

Good people skills

Able to work in a team