Directed by James Marsh (The Theory of Everything)

Starring Colin Firth and Rachel Weisz

This is the incredible story of Donald Crowhurst – an amateur sailor who embarks on a solo attempt to circumnavigate the globe.

Set in 1968 and based on real life events surrounding the Sunday Times Golden Globe Race, this “truth is stranger than fiction” tale recounts Donald Crowhurst’s ill fated journey around the world.

Crowhurst has a struggling business and sees the competition as a way out of his troubles. Without consultation with his wife, he makes the decision to compete- needing to build a boat on a tight deadline with an even tighter budget.

He signs with numerous partners to finance the voyage, ultimately ensnaring himself in contracts that see him obligated to go to sea, despite the boat not being ready.

Once at sea Crowhurst realises he cannot possibly survive the proposed journey so starts to fake his progress, sending false coordinates back to shore. He plans to let others win and return quietly and without much scrutiny in third or fourth place.

However, the ocean takes its toll on all the other competitors, leaving Donald as the only survivor and likely winner. As this reality dawns on Donald he ceases transmissions.

His boat is found adrift, unoccupied, nine days after his last log book entry. Did he suicide or was there an accident?

This story has been the subject of much speculation of the decades. Donald Crowhurst’s widow still lives just miles from the town he set off from. She never remarried.

There have been numerous documentaries made, books and songs written and even stage plays created about the Crowhurst mystery.

RATING: 3.5 out of 5