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Today on the programme I talk to World War 1 historian Andrew Pittaway, who has published a book called “Fremantle Voices of the Great War”…written after years of research and contacting families for information about diaries from their loved ones…

Steven Kelleher is also an author of a true crime book called “Last Dog On The Island” It’s about his police work with his dog Elise and his work with the Federal Police and the drug unit in Tasmania and their invaluable work in drug detection…..

Sue Buckman…sadly lost her fit and healthy 19 year old son to a sudden cardiac arrest whilst at football training in 2010 and as a result of his death which may have been prevented had there been a defibrulator available at the time, has started a campaign called De Fib For Life….

Simon McDonald…Registered trained nurse in Mental Health..explains a breakthrough for treating Dementia with ultrasound and Neurofeedback….

and The Dept of Commerce warns us of yet another scam involving the possibility of employment, we speak to Fraud Liason officer Karen Dwyer…