Good Morning everyone…..Hope you all had a pleasant Easter break….we are all however very sad with the loss of that beautiful girls life to shark attack….

Today on the programme between 12 and 3pm…I’ll be speaking with Danielle Storey CEO of Eastern Innovation Business Centre about the realisation that Rules in business are being broken….

Monica Vicenieks, editor of the health and medicine lift out talks about research that indicates that making healthy choices long before you conceive will give your baby the best start in life….

Kirsty Milligan…fashion stylist and Psychologist expert made a decision not to buy any new clothes for one year…this is in light of Fashion Revolution Day ……

Dr Marry Lishman…Health and Community Psychologist talks about the importance of nostalgia….remembering happy times on reflection takes you back to that time and place….

and Tony Celenza will be in the studio to talk about the meaning and significance of War Medals…..