Advantages of Marketing on Curtin Radio

Our independent broadcasting license regulates marketing airtime to a maximum of only five minutes per hour. This means your business will always feature prominently because our listeners remain attentive. They’re not bombarded by over-commercialism and this is in fact why so many listeners select Curtin Radio as their preferred station. Your message will be heard!
We offer flexible, cost effective and targeted marketing schedules, designed to accommodate your business and your budget.
Because we are foreground radio….our audience is listening…… always attentive …..and loyal to Curtin Radio and our sponsors.
Having discerning listeners over the age of 45 translates to a savvy and financially powerful demographic consisting of Baby Boomers, Retirees, and ‘empty nesters’….with high disposable income.
Our listeners value local content, news, voices and personalities and appreciate our music format.
Independent radio consumerism is continuing to expand. Curtin Radio is considered credible, accessible and approachable by its listeners. In short, our listeners trust us. Your business is valued!

Your market listens to radio…..anytime….anywhere!

95% of Australians listen to the Radio!

People can carry out a wide range of tasks whilst listening to the radio…in the car, at the office, in the garden, surfing the net. You can reach your customers through radio… day and night, increasing the frequency of your message.

Radio messages work most effectively through repetition. A consumer may need to be exposed to an announcement three or four times before they take action. Reaching this level of frequency is often more cost effective than other media choices.

Radio is cost effective, broad reaching, and offers your business long term benefits!