Crumb-catcher, cookie-duster, lip doily, Mr. Tickler, Facial Fur, Face Lace, Dirt Squirrel, Fellowcro, Flavor saver, bro-mo…of course, I’m talking about the Moustache – Movember is once again upon us! It’s that time of year to shake off the Winter doldrums by doing something fun to raise awareness of and some much needed funds for mental health and wellness.

Let’s not split hairs about this: we men need to start talking – and not just about the cricket or what those people (whoever “they” are) are up to. We need to start talking about our health, our mental wellbeing and why of many of us are dying before our time. 

And I’m both a champion of such conversations as well as a fund raiser for the Movember Foundation – and would love it if you could find it in your heart and wallet to kick-in a few shekels towards this worthy cause!

(And many thanks to Jenny for inviting…er, commanding me to post a pikkie here, all for the cause!)

 – Michael

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