TM How long have you been a volunteer at Curtin FM 100.1?
Teresa C Since 2002.  15 years.
TM Wow!  That’s a long time.  How did you get started?
Teresa C I heard an advert that they were looking for producers.  I was thinking about retirement and thought it would be a lovely way to spend my time. Although actually I started volunteering 5 to 6 years before I retired.  I wanted to make sure I had plenty of things to do so retirement wasn’t boring.  I think I have filled my days very well.
TM How many hours a week would you volunteer?
Teresa C I used to do two shifts a week.  That’s three hours for each program plus a little time before and after.  So about eight hours a week.  I was Peter Waltham’s producer for many years, also Keith Taylor when he was on air, Ray Finn, and occasionally helping out Jenny Seaton.  Currently I am a relief producer since we’ve been doing so much travelling over the past year.
TM What do you like about volunteering at Curtin FM 100.1?
Teresa C The camaraderie of the people.  I love the music and being useful.
TM What does your family say about your volunteering?
Teresa C We have two boys.  One in Sydney the other in Hong Kong so it’s only my husband and I.  Hubbie has to fend for himself for a few hours however he doesn’t mind.  He’d rather see me happy.
TM What’s a powerful Curtin FM memory?
Teresa C I started in 2002 on the day they were going to close the station down and and I remember all the tears on the phone.  People were calling in and just crying.  It really is a community.
TM What would you say that someone thinking of calling in?
Teresa C Call.  If you want to chat, I’ll put you on hold while I answer the other calls and then get back to you.  Callers just want to be part of the family. It’s been good.