TM How did you come to be at Curtin FM 100.1?
QG By default.  I worked as an accountant for Curtin University.  The University had been going to close the radio station down, and then decided to keep it open.  I was brought across for three months to work with the station to create a sustainable business plan – I never went back.  That was 12 years ago.
TM What you like about your role as Station Manager?
QG It’s different.  I’m never exactly sure what each day is going to bring.  I’m interested in a challenge.  At Curtin FM 100.1 we have 230,000 listeners, 300 community members, approximately 100 sponsors per month, 15 staff and around 100 volunteers.
TM Who are your listeners?
QG The station has found itself a niche in the Perth radio market servicing the needs of the 50+.  A group that I don’t think has ever been looked after properly.
TM What’s special about Curtin FM 100.1?
QG We play things that you won’t hear anywhere else.  We have a broad format which means that not everything we play has to be a number-one.  This is different from other stations who frequently have very tight niches.  It leads to unpredictability which is interesting.  We want to trigger memories and nostalgia.  We are also more “personality” radio.  Our presenters are not just presenters, they add a bit.  It’s our role to entertain, educate and inform.
TM How do you know how well the station is doing?
QG Market research.  McNair Ingenuity Research provides audience measurements for radio and other media – in particular for the Community Radio sector.  They survey roughly 1300 people and statisticians have discovered that if you survey over 1000 people, then there is little difference in accuracy between surveying 1000 people or 1 million.  Mostly the data is useful for attracting sponsors as they are interested in who is listening.  It also assists the University in seeing that we are making an impact and that it is worthwhile keeping the radio station going.  We also have the annual online survey where roughly 1500 people take 20 minutes to answer questions about the station.  We pay particular attention to any comments they make.  The music director then uses this data to assist with programming.

TM What are your hopes for Curtin FM 100.1 in 2017?
QG To grow the audience.  Everyone is important.  Whether they tune in once a week as an impassioned listener to “Born in Boots” or whether they listen every day.  We want to continue to look at new ways to engage with our listeners. 
TM How would you describe your leadership style?
QG I think of myself as a “conductor”.  Getting everyone moving in the same direction.  I don’t micromanage.  I don’t have time.  You have to trust your people and let them operate in their areas of expertise.  The station personnel are a diverse group.  “A dysfunctional family that is functional”.