Jason JordanJason is the Presenter of The Saturday Night Flashback Party Part 1 which airs 6pm – 9pm every Saturday.  He is also the Webmaster of Curtin Radio.

Outside of Curtin Radio, he is a Board Member of Multiple Sclerosis WA.

TM Why do you do it?
JJ I have a deep and abiding love of radio.  I love the immediacy of it – there’s no safety net.  Also, I just adore sharing music.  I’ll often spend an evening on Youtube scouring through old classics and making the Wife & Kids listen. So being able to share music I love with listeners is incredibly satisfying.

I’ve worked in the industry off and on for over 25 years. My Dad always used to ask me, “Why do you do it? Why put yourself on the line?”  I was never able to give a good answer.  It’s who I am. I think some people are just born to do certain things. My parents certainly gave me a Radio DJ’s name!

TM What’s your favourite aspect of radio?
JJ Talkback radio.  I love the idea of people airing their views.  It reminds me of Speakers Corner in London. As long as people have differing opinions, there will be a market for well managed talkback.
TM How long does it take you to put your show together?
JJ My Show is 3 hours long and it takes about 90 minutes to assemble.  Most of that time is selecting music. There’s usually around 50-60 tracks in a Show and they have to work together – so it’s not just which songs I choose to play, but also the order in which they are played.

I try not to organise too much before the Show as I love spontaneity. Being over-prepared can make things sound wooden.

TM What’s your fondest Curtin radio memory?
JJ New Year’s Eve 2017!  Lawrence was in the UK and so we crossed to him throughout the night and he was updating us what was happening in the UK.  It allowed him to continue to be part of the program even though he was half a world away.  We also had near on 50 Callers to the program who all went to air wishing everyone a Happy New Year!

It was a lovely feeling of us all being part of a very large Curtin Radio family

TM What’s something people don’t know about you?
JJ I’m a lapsed fire eater.  Many years ago when living in Sydney, one of my neighbours was into circus stuff and used to get paid to go to people’s parties and entertain them.  He taught me fire eating and ultimately we even started teaching fire eating.  There is a downside however.  I’m reasonably hairy and once you’ve been burnt a few times there is no hair left.  A key point for people to realise is that it’s not special, cold fire – it’s real fire and really hot!
TM Not only are you a volunteer announcer, you have also taken on the Curtin Radio website.  How many hours a week would you devote to Curtin FM?
JJ Roughly 5 to 10 hours a week but not in a row. It’s usually 10-15 minutes at a time. It’s a good example of why we need more volunteers here at Curtin Radio, especially people with skills like Web Design. It would be great to share the load a bit more!
TM What’s your favourite genre of music?
JJ One Hit Wonders… and daggy songs.  The ones that people would be embarrassed to admit that they like and only ever listen to with the headphones on. Songs like those from ABBA, Bucks Fizz, Barry Manilow or Air Supply.
TM What would you say to someone considering ringing into the Saturday Night Flashback Party?
JJ Be lively, don’t take yourself too seriously, and be ready to have a laugh.
TM Do you have themes for your show?
JJ I’ve done quite a few themes over the past 12 months. They’ve been extremely popular. But by far the most popular was the “One Hit Wonder” Night followed by the “Love Songs” Evening. It’s good to mix things up, keep it interesting and always have a bit of variety.