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The Serial

Grace Gibson Radio Serials.

A new episode will be broadcast on-air every weekday at 10:30am, then repeated at 10:00pm that night.

You’ll be able to listen to yesterday’s episode on the following weekday, right here, for up to 24 hours.  

Note: As no episode is broadcast on a Sunday, there will be no episode to replay on a Monday.

The story of small town snobbery and corruption set in the tightly welded community of Sonoma – where family tradition is paramount.

Two women clash bitterly over this tradition and cause it to crumble around the head of the man they love. A wedding, a car crash and the bride’s wedding night visit to another man set the scene for an engrossing tale of deception, love and family pride.

Amber Mae Cecil – Prudence Nathan*
Lyndall Barbour – Faith Benedict*
Richard Meikle – Robby Barrow*
Max Meldrum – Paul Benedict*
John Norman – Andrew Benedict**

Written by Ross Napier*
Directed by Eden Rutter*

Produced in 1967 by Gibson Radio Productions*

* Sourced from page 555 of “Drama in Silent Rooms” by Peter Philp
** Sourced from “Australian Radio Series 1930s to 1970s – a guide to ScreenSound Australia’s holdings” (NFSA, 1998)

Grace Gibson Productions produces and syndicates radio programs to radio stations in Australia, New Zealand, the Pacific rim, the Caribbean and other overseas locations.

Curtin Radio has a long standing association with Grace Gibson as it provides content of the highest quality that we enjoy sharing with our listeners.

Visit the Grace Gibson web site to learn about the rich history and content of the company.

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