Opens 11 December

Director: Cédric Klapisch

2017/France/113min/Classification M

Rating 3.5 out of 5

Coming soon to the Lotterywest Films program as a part of Perth Festival is Back to Burgundy.

Screening at Somerville from 11 December and then at Joondalup Pines the following week, this is a delightful French film about a family of winemakers.

Jean has broken free from his constant arguing with his Father and left to travel the world. He returns 10 years later to reunite with his siblings as their Father’s death leads them to re-evaluate their lives and consider if they can keep the family business running. Jean, Juliette and Jeremie need to get to know each other as adults and work together to resolve adult issues such as a crippling inheritance tax debt.

Deliberately set in Burgundy as this is the region of family owned wineries, this is a beautiful film about the changing nature of life and what you can and can’t control.

Central to the film is the beautiful landscape. Much is made of showing the same space at different times of the year – the vines in summer, in full bloom for harvest and again covered in snow. To achieve this, the filmmakers had to return to the same location over the course of a year to capture the changes.

This is a lovely, sentimental film about family … and I can’t imagine a better way to watch it than by sitting in a deckchair at the outdoor cinema with a glass of wine in hand.


Director Klapisch has a brief cameo near the end of the film as one of the bunch of fruit-pickers