Opened 5 October 2017
Director: Stanley Tucci
2017/UK/90min/Classified M

The fabulous Geoffrey Rush stars as word-renowned Italian artist Albert Giacometti in Final Portrait – a lovely story about an unconventional friendship set in bohemian Paris.

Told through the eyes of American writer James Lord, Final Portrait gives a revealing insight into the artistic process.

James Lord was an art lover and fan of Giacometti’s who jumped at the chance to pose for a portrait – a process he was assured would only take a few days.  

Giacometti is intolerable, charming and prone to fits of anger and just as the portrait begins to emerge, he paints over it and starts again.

Due to his incredible likeness to the artist, no one could play this role other than Geoffrey Rush and he does so with gusto.

Final Portrait will leave you questioning if artistic genius is a blessing or a curse.

Notes: London doubled for Paris in the film because they couldn’t afford to film in Paris. Filming took place over a week and a half and CGI was used to make it look like Paris. According to Tucci, it was cheaper for a small film to use CGI than to visit the real location.

Tucci’s fifth film as a director, others include Blind Date and The Imposters

 The finished portrait was widely exhibited around the world after its completion.

Swiss-born painter and sculptor Alberto Giacometti was obsessed with the human head and incorporated both surrealism and cubism in his works. Being a perfectionist, he was continuously reworking his own sculptures and paintings.

RATING: 3.5 out of 5 – REVIEWED BY: Suzanne Worner