ALI’S WEDDING – Now showing – Director: Jeffrey Walker, starring Osamah Sami, Don Jany, Halina Sawires

2017/Australia/110min/Classified M

Son of a Melbourne Muslim cleric, Iraqi-born Ali’s spur-of-the-moment lie about his exam score spirals out of control and looks to turn the community around the local mosque and his academic future upside down. But instead of owning up, he doubles down to impress the Australian born-Lebanese girl he loves and the result is a warm, awkward, funny, irreverent and stereotype-busting movie for our times.

FACTOIDS: Won an AWGIE Award for Best Original Film, Won Best Narrative Feature at Sydney Film Festival, 2nd Place People’s Choice Award at the Melbourne Film Festival.

Osamah Sami also co-wrote the script.

RATING: 3.5 out of 5