MADAMEDirector: Amanda Sthers, 2017/France/91min/Classified M

In an effort to spice up their marriage, wealthy American couple, Anne (Toni Collette)  and Bob (Harvey Keitel), decide to spend time at their Paris house. Bob keeps himself occupied with French lessons and liquidating his assets to keep the ship afloat.

Anne, meanwhile, is preoccupied with hosting a dinner party which is gatecrashed by an unexpected guest, bring the total number of diners to 13. Obviously this is a hideous omen so she must recruit her maid Maria (Rossy de Palma) to pose as a mysterious Spanish lady.

Despite being under strict orders to stay under the radar, a few wines bring out the playful side to Maria and she becomes the belle of the ball, or dinner as in this case. She also catches the eye of a British art broker (Michael Smiley).

The ensuing romance is one of charm for the viewer but incredible angst for Anne as she must destroy it at all costs before it damages both her reputation and the social order.

There’s an element of the Cinderella story at play here but whether Maria gets her happily ever after is up for debate.

Notes: Rossy de Palma frequently appears in Pedro Almodovar’s films, she also appeared in the video clip for George Michael’s “Too Funky”

RATING: 3.5 out of 5