WINCHESTER (Opens Feb 22) Director: Michael and Peter Spierig (credited as The Spierig Brothers), Stars: Helen Mirren, Sarah Snook. Australia/USA, 99min, PG13

Winchester Mansion is known as the world’s most haunted house, just outside of San Francisco, this seven storey building is the stuff of legends and the setting for the thriller Winchester.

Based on the true story of Sarah Winchester and her endless renovations at the home, Winchester is a chilling film.

Sarah Winchester inherited the majority share of the Winchester Rifle Company upon her husband’s death. She resides in a house that she has been renovating 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for twenty years – her erratic behaviour concerning the other board members of the Company and who have engaged a Dr to assess her mental stability to see if she is fit to remain in control of the company.

When Dr Eric Price meets Sarah, he finds her remarkably sane. Her renovations are to create an asylum for the vengeful ghosts of the victims of the Winchester rifle.

These ghosts are seeking their revenge on Sarah for their violent deaths and she must imprison them until they are calmed, however there is one soul who will not be settled.

I was genuinely surprised to see that this is an Australian film – it’s an American story with an English actress yet it took two Australian brothers to bring it to life. It was chiefly shot at Docklands in Melbourne and features a predominantly local cast including Bruce Spence (Stork).

Trivia: In 2015, the Winchester Mystery House began to offer overnight stays on the property with its 160 rooms.

 RATING: 3.5 out of 5


REVIEWED BY: Suzanne Worner