Opens 26 October
Director: George Clooney
2017/UK, USA/105min/Classification MA15+
Rating 2.5 out of 5

For me, this should be the ultimate film – a collaboration of some of the best and quirkiest
filmmakers of our time – Joel and Ethan Coen and George Clooney.
Directed by Clooney and co-written with the Coen brothers this is a tale of idealistic mid-century
suburban America. A utopia has been created in Suburbicon and if you agree with the
advertising at the start of the film, then this place truly is heaven on earth.
Except it’s not. There’s a dark underside to this utopia. There’s racial disharmony, there’s
infidelity, there’s murder.
The film focuses on Gardner Lodge (played by frequent Clooney collaborator Matt Damon).
Lodge needs to alter his domestic affairs so he can runaway with his true love to Aruba.
However his plans are disrupted by a shrewd insurance inspector, his bombastic brother-in- law
and the knuckleheads he employed to do his dirty work.

Whilst the look of this film is spectacular – it perfectly captures the late 1950s feel with
costumes, cars and set design, it sadly lacks in a cohesive plot. It feels like there are two
different stories playing that only barely intersect. Both are fascinating but together it’s an odd
I truly wanted to love this, but I was disappointed. Sorry George.

This is the first film Clooney has directed but not appeared in. 

RATING: 2.5 out of 5 – Reviewed by Suzanne Worner