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About Jason Jordan

Jason's first radio gig was in 1987 for 101FM Rockingham. He just can't keep away from radio as it's 30 years on and he's still shouting at microphones. Jason is the proud Dad of 4 rowdy kids, has been married to Trish since 1998, has an appallingly bad sense of humour and a deep and abiding love for daggy 70's & 80's music (especially One Hit Wonders). He has been a Board Member of a number of organisations such as West TV and is currently a Director of MSWA.
I'm not here for a long time. I'm here for a good time!

New Quiz: The 1950’s


Your Quizmaster has added a new music quiz, this time we're looking at the 1950's. I've tried to make some of the questions a little [...]

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