How did it all begin?

Curtin Radio commenced broadcasting on October 16, 1976 as Western Australia’s first public community broadcaster.

The station, then known as 6NR (6 New Radio), provided training and access time to 37 ethnic radio programs, 25 religious broadcasters, Aboriginal radio broadcasters and trainees, as well as Radio for the Print Handicapped.

Volunteer presenters were mainly responsible for the station’s programming.

Today, the station still relies heavily on volunteers who work in a variety of roles.

The station also provides training to students in areas related to news broadcasting.  It gives formal “on the job training” for journalism students studying through Curtin University’s School of Media and Information Studies. Due to this unique opportunity, most students quickly go on to full-time employment in the broadcasting industry.

What makes Curtin Radio So successful?

The blending of 50’s, 60’s and 70’s music and songs by great veteran and popular artists from the classic-hits era “hits the spot” with the Curtin Radio audience.

Shows are presented by top class broadcasters; all with a great love of the music and a way of presenting in an entertaining and informative style.

Curtin Radio presenters are able to choose their program material from an extensive collection of music and songs which is provided to them in digital form.

The studios are equipped with the latest in broadcast software. An in-house internet technology programmer builds and maintains remote software, allowing presenters to prepare shows in the comfort of their own homes.

Does Curtin Radio ever call for volunteers?

When full time announcing positions arise for the permanent slots between 6am and 6pm, vacancies are placed in the print media and on the Curtin Radio/Curtin University websites.

Volunteer presenters cover the remainder of the evening and weekend slots.

People who are interested in becoming volunteer presenters should ring the programme department on 92664941.

Why does Curtin Radio need volunteers?

While the voice coming out of the radio might be the most immediate link to Curtin Radio, the station would not be able to continue broadcasting without the ongoing support of volunteers.

Curtin Radio volunteers can choose to work:

  • as Production Assistants
  • as media researchers who organise interviews and provide background material for presenters.
  • in the music library
  • in the reception area, managing Curtin Radio memberships, coordinating listeners’ prizes and assisting with some of the stations’ financial work
  • as part of the team at the annual Curtin FM Radiothon