• Are you stretching or shrinking?
  • Is your life becoming bigger and more interesting or is it getting smaller and smaller?

In 2013 Sir Elton John was awarded the first-ever Brit icon award during a ceremony at London’s Palladium.  It was his first performance after having his appendix removed in July.  A star-studded gala event it featuring notables such as Lulu, Rod Stewart and students from the Royal Academy of music, plus video footage from President Clinton, Ringo Starr, Billie Jean King and others.

Here are seven lessons on longevity from Sir Elton.

1. Stay connected with your community

Elton John remains connected.  He is still engaged with the Royal Academy of music where he trained.  During the gala evening he was joined on stage by students from the Academy joined him on stage to play, “Home again.”


2. Be generous

Elton is now supporting new generations of musical stars through their studies at Britain’s longest-established institution for music education, the Royal Academy of Music.”

I feel compelled to do everything that I can to assist the Academy in nurturing and developing these immensely talented young people.’
Sir Elton John

Not only is he involved with the students, he along with his percussionist Ray Cooper in large part funded monies for a world-class quality organ for the Academy.

He is also been awarded the Freddie Mercury Memorial award for his charity work

If you don’t feel you can share money, then what about your knowledge or your time?  Curtin FM 100.1 simply couldn’t run without the volunteers who work both in front of and behind the scenes.  It’s the sponsors and members who help provide the money that keep the station going.  Plus, there are the all important listeners who give their time and without whom being at Curtin FM 100.1 wouldn’t be nearly as much fun.


3. Acknowledge others

While happily accepting the award, he also observed, “I can think of a couple of people who might have deserved it more than me.”

During the gala event he dedicated the award to writing partner Bernie Taupin, “who I wouldn’t be here without.”

He also acknowledged the influence of his training, claiming “I have always regarded my training at the Royal Academy of Music as vitally important to the development of my career as a musician.” 

Follow the Elton example and readily acknowledge others.  Be willing to share the glory.  None of us get where we are without the help and influence of others.  You might feel that you were the one who bled, sweated and struggled – and yes, at the end of the day, we are the ones that need to take action; however none of what we achieve happens in isolation.


4. Remain active

Claiming that he is “addicted to playing live”, Sir Elton John still performs more than 100 gigs a year.  More excitingly for us, he is planning a “once-in-a-lifetime” tour to Australia in 2017.


5. Set goals (however arbitrary)

Elton John likes to set himself goals.  One goal is to play in 100 countries.  During the gala award event he told the audience so far he’d performed in 92.

What goals have you set for yourself for this year?  They don’t have to be massive, just something to strive for.


6. Don’t let limitations hold you back

I think we can all agree that Elton went on to be wildly successful despite having hands that were too small to become a classical pianist.

All too often we start excluding ourselves from opportunities.  We make claims of being too old, too short, too undereducated, too overeducated, the wrong sex, the wrong colour, the wrong nationality or religion.  We need to let that limiting thinking go and embrace a more interesting future.


7. Be yourself

I think we can safely say that Sir Elton John has been uniquely himself.  During the gala event, Sir Elton looked quite soberly dressed until you looked down and realised he was wearing red sequined shoes. 

Are you repressing or expressing?


So … how well did you score out of the 7?


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