Lawrence Noakes
Lawrence is the Presenter of The Saturday Night Flashback Party Part 2 which airs 9pm – Midnight every Saturday.  He is also acts as a fill-in for other shifts when Presenters are away.

Outside of Curtin Radio, he is a Primary School Teacher.

TMHow long have you been a Curtin radio FM 100.1 volunteer?
LNJust under five years
TMWhy do you do it?
LNI love radio and the power of the medium.  It’s personal and intimate.  I’m a relatively shy person and on-air I can be exuberant and outgoing.  I was brought up on radio.  You can connect with people that in a way that you just can’t face-to-face.  It’s all part of the Curtin family.
TMWhere you in radio before Curtin FM 100.1?
LNI was first on radio when I was 12.  I would phone up a talent show every week and sing on the radio.  Then at 13 I was a runner at the local radio station.  I ran the soccer scores from the newsroom down to the studio stop and then one week they even let me read out the soccer scores on-air.  Later there was a community station that ran for three weeks and I was the breakfast announcer .
TMWhat would you say to someone thinking about volunteering at Curtin radio?
LNDo it!  The Curtin volunteers are a diverse and happy bunch.  A very hard-working bunch.  Come and see how the magic goes to air and be part of the ever-growing family.
TMWhat you do when you’re not on air Curtin FM 100.1?
LNI am a primary school teacher.  Years 5 to 6.  Over 20 years, I still like seeing the lightbulb moment.  When you’ve been battling to help them to understand something and they’re acting up because they’re struggling to understand.  And when they thank you.
TMWhat would you say to anyone listening into Curtin FM?
LNLet the music take you on a happy journey.
TMAny last words?
LNBe nice to each other and when you look in the mirror be nice to yourself.