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Community Service Announcements

“Community Service Announcements” are for “not for profit” organisations/clubs ONLY.

An annual production cost will apply for organising these announcements and keeping them on air.

For example, if payment is made in February 2017, your notice will run until February 2018.

There are two types of CSA’s:

Payment of the production cost entitles the organisation/club to an “Ongoing CSA” for the year and also three “Short Term” notices for the year

If only “Short Term” CSA’s are required the production cost still applies and the organisation/club will be entitled to four CSA’s per year..

The notices are limited to 20 seconds of airtime which equates to approximately  40 words.

We need at least three weeks prior notice for Short Term CSA’s to be produced.

In your email, please provide:

  • The Script you would like produced (we will edit to meet our criteria if necessary.
  • Postal address for your Organisation/Club
  • Contact Phone Number


When we receive your email we will produce an invoice and send to you by email.

When we receive payment, your CSA will be produced.

For further information, please contact the office on 9266 2121.



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