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Interview with Station Manager Quinn Glasson

TM How did you come to be at Curtin FM 100.1?
QG By default.  I worked as an accountant for Curtin University.  The University had been going to close the radio station down, and then decided to keep it open.  I was brought across for three months to work with the station to create a sustainable business plan – I never went back.  That was 12 years ago.
TM What you like about your role as Station Manager?
QG […]

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Interview with volunteer producer Teresa C

TM How long have you been a volunteer at Curtin FM 100.1?
Teresa C Since 2002.  15 years.
TM Wow!  That’s a long time.  How did you get started?
Teresa C I heard an advert that they were looking for producers.  I was thinking about retirement and thought it would be a lovely way to spend my time. Although actually I started volunteering 5 to 6 years before I retired.  I wanted to make sure I had plenty of things to do […]

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Interview with Presenter Lawrence Noakes

Lawrence Noakes
Lawrence is the Presenter of The Saturday Night Flashback Party Part 2 which airs 9pm – Midnight every Saturday.  He is also acts as a fill-in for other shifts when Presenters are away.

Outside of Curtin Radio, he is a Primary School Teacher.

TM How long have you been a Curtin radio FM 100.1 volunteer?
LN Just under five years
TM Why do you do it?
LN […]

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Interview with Presenter Jason Jordan

Jason JordanJason is the Presenter of The Saturday Night Flashback Party Part 1 which airs 6pm – 9pm every Saturday.  He is also the Webmaster of Curtin Radio.

Outside of Curtin Radio, he is a Board Member of Multiple Sclerosis WA.

TM Why do you do it?
JJ I have a deep and abiding love of radio.  I love the immediacy of it – there’s no safety net.  Also, I […]

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