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The Afternoon Show Summary – 2017/4/27

Good Morning everyone……another pretty day in Perth…lets enjoy before the cold of winter sets in…

Today on the programme between 12 and 3pm, I’ll be speaking with a very dedicated man, a former drug addict himself for 26 years of his life which he turned around and has now been helping people recover at his successful rehabilitation centre called Shalom House. Peter Lyndon-James along with his dedicated volunteers now have 10 accommodation units for up to 80 people plus their families. […]

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The Afternoon Show Summary – 2017/4/24

Good Morning Everyone…Hope your football team had a win over the weekend….mine did….YEH !!!

Today on the programme Ill be speaking with Dr Aiden Warren, US political expert about the current situation between the U.S.and Nth Korea. In particular their response to comments made recently by Foreign Affairs Minister, Julie Bishop….

Angela McCluskey outlines the upcoming Toodyay, Moondyne festival. Its been running since 1984 and always draws huge interested crowds…..

Ky Furneax is an outdoor Survival Specialist and stuntman, and if you […]

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The Afternoon Show Summary – 2017/4/21

Good Morning everyone….well that was a short but interesting week…
Hope you can join me today as I catch up with Lyndall Mitchell a leading Wellness expert who will advise us on how we master the art of a 1 minute meditation, and explains the amazing benefits achieved…

Ernie Manning has the weekend tips for Racing and Pacing…

Mitch Miller has written an inspiring book about his circumnavigation around Australia in his 1968 sky blue Volkswagon named THE ROCKET….

Fay Arcaro co-host of […]

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The Afternoon Show Summary – 2017/4/20

Today on the programme I talk to World War 1 historian Andrew Pittaway, who has published a book called “Fremantle Voices of the Great War”…written after years of research and contacting families for information about diaries from their loved ones…

Steven Kelleher is also an author of a true crime book called “Last Dog On The Island” It’s about his police work with his dog Elise and his work with the Federal Police and the drug unit in Tasmania and […]

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The Afternoon Show Summary – 2017/4/19

Good Morning everyone…..Hope you all had a pleasant Easter break….we are all however very sad with the loss of that beautiful girls life to shark attack….

Today on the programme between 12 and 3pm…I’ll be speaking with Danielle Storey CEO of Eastern Innovation Business Centre about the realisation that Rules in business are being broken….

Monica Vicenieks, editor of the health and medicine lift out talks about research that indicates that making healthy choices long before you conceive will give your baby […]

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Jenny’s Notes for Thursday, March 9

Good Morning everyone…..another day or so without telephone communication…we’re just about there….However we have our guests joining us in the studio again today..Jo Laing a Trainer for Community Health will share another nutritious and tasty vegetarian recipe…. Jason Wells, physiotherapist, discusses hydrotherapy for joint pain, pelvic floor exercises, growing pains are they real? and common shoulder problems…..and Kathy Pugh, vice president of educational services at edx here at Curtin University explains the new education models, that allow more flexibility for […]

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The Afternoon Show Summary – 2017/1/24

Good Morning everyone….

Enjoy the cooler weather while we can..going to be scorcher on Australia Day….Today between 12 and 3pm, the loveable Scotsman Max Kay joins me in the studio…just for a few giggles…Retirees WA Lorraine Thompson Administration for Joseph Banks Estate, highlights the benefits and fun the residents enjoy…Naomi Holtring from Intermediate Dispute says that January is the most popular time for Divorce, she has concerns for the childrens emotional state and has a few suggestions……Former restauranteur and colorful […]

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The Afternoon Show Summary – 2017/1/6

The weeks are flying by….Another challenging year ahead of us all, please stay safe….

Today on the programme between 12 and 3, I’ll be catching up with Daniel Lewkovitz a security expert and founder of a security monitoring centre…he has some great tips on how we can rest easy when we go on holidays and have concern for our home security….Ernie Manning with racing and pacing tips for the weeend…Caz Bowman has dedicated her life to working at schools for indigenous […]

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The Afternoon Show Summary – 2017/1/5

Good Morning everyone…

So great to be back in the chair between 12 and 3pm…..

We have some very interesting people with great stories to tell about their interesting lives coming up this year, in fact we would love to hear from you if you have a great life story, or you know of anyone who has made a difference to this world with acts of kindness..been a hero in a small or big way.. or the story of their life or […]

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An Update from Jenny

Good Morning Curtin friends,

Just wish to say how much I am missing being on air…but out of action for a awhile….

Having a wonderful time at our 40th Anniversary Gala Dinner in October…only to take an embarrassing fall in front of over 300 people…had to go to hospital with a dislocated and fractured shoulder….hurt a bit……and after 3 weeks told Ihad to have an urgent surgery to regain strength back in my right arm…

I can’t drive and very frustrated having to […]

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